When it comes to know about how terms for the Artists is in Sweden I work with art.So for me it´s a topic for me at least every week look around and ask what is happening.

In Sweden we change the political part to rule Sweden from Alliansen to Socialdemokraterna. And of course the debate is who is in charge for the different Culture events in Northen Sweden? And can we not hear how the artists are nearly crying when the money takes from them?

As an culture politician for the Alliansen and Folkpartiet since 2015. I would like to lift the question to the people who work with art every day. How can we make a change by open up our knowledge of everyday work to make culture and art more visual to everyone?

If we can bring that knowledge to a wider set of people I think, hope and wish that culture and art will stay as a topic we always work with in our cities, to make them more interesting for everyone that visit our place on earth!

Where do you stand in this topic, is culture and art something you like to talk about?

Wish to hear from you!

#art #politics #news

Författare: alicfranc

Jag är en kvinna som jobbat med konst sedan 1998/ I have worked with Art since 1998!


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